Monday, November 16, 2009

Warning...this could get messy

So, this is pretty much a rant and I apologize ahead of time for this, but sometimes you just have to get it off your chest. There is a girl at work that every time I mention about something aching or happening to me that I link to my pregnancy she insists that it's not related to my pregnancy. What the heck? She has no idea what is going on with my body! I'll just give an example from this morning. When I woke up my side hut, my lower side. So, when she asked me what was wrong today I told her my side hurt. She's like "from what?" and I said, "probably from me getting fatter". Now, before I tell you what she said, let me back up my theory of why I thought this was the reason for my side hurting. I read on one of my MANY pregnancy info sites that one of the symptoms I could be having is my side hurting from stretching, growing, ya know. Well, she says "I highly doubt that." I could understand if this girl that I work with has never been pregnant before, but her child is 13 years old! She's been through all this before. This just adds on to all the rest of the comments she's made. She treats me like I have never been pregnant before. About a month ago, before we got to hear this baby's heartbeat, she proceeded to mimic what a baby's heartbeat over the Doppler sounded like and kept saying "that's what it sounds like"! I'm thinking "um hello, where you not here like a little over a year ago when I went through all this before?" Maybe I'm just sensitive or emotional or what ever else I want to blame it on, but it really irks me that she makes comments like this.

Besides that, everything is going great! My stomach seems to be growing, so that is good. I have another three weeks until my next OB appointment and another four weeks until the cerclage! YAY! I started walking today on my break at work. Hopefully I will keep at it so I "don't gain too much weight" as my cardiologist said two weeks ago. Oh, plus I went to the dentist last Tuesday and my gums still hurt and I have a sore that I just keep irritating when I brush. It's really painful and I wish it would heal. If it doesn't heal this week I'm going to make a phone call to my doctor. I know your gums are sensitive when you are pregnant, but dang!

Thanks for listening to me gripe!

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