Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back from Florida

I am happy to say that I am home! I have been for about a week now, but I haven't had enough energy to sit in front of the computer and try to put together something interesting for you all.

Florida was fun, a bit chilly, but way better than the below zero temperatures home, here in Illinois. Before leaving for Florida everyone insisted on informing me that "it's going to be cold down there". Now, why would you not just want to be happy for someone going on a vacation? Why would you want to try and convince someone that they are going to have a terrible time? I just kept saying "warmer than here!" and called them jealous under my breath.

Despite all the comments about the weather I had a great time sleeping in every morning and taking my time getting around and not having to worry about anything except what I was going to eat that day for a whole entire week!

It was in the 50s during the day at the beginning of the trip and gradually warmed up through the week making it to 70 on our last day. On Wednesday my friend and I ventured down to the beach. Chris stayed upstairs in the condo and was the photographer.

I think this one is funny cause you can actually see my belly from our room on the fifth floor. I'm the one in the black hooded sweater looking much like ET if you couldn't tell. 

I actually did get in the water (just my feet) so I could say I did get in the ocean. Where we were staying hit a record low that they haven't seen in years. I am pretty sure it was like that everywhere though. Cause, back home it was negative 11 one day. If we would have waited to take our trip this week we would have enjoyed lovely 70 degree weather! Ah, well.


I'm 20 weeks today and getting larger by the minute! We had an appointment yesterday and found out several things. I had my blood work done the week before we went to Florida so it would be back in time for this appointment. My blood work came back great, except for one test. I came back as having an increased risk for having a baby with spina bifida.

I was at a risk of 1/172. My doctor wasn't too concerned. He said that my AFP number, which was 2.78 was just slightly above the normal range. I believe the normal for my particular criteria is 2.50. He said that he has never seen a defect with this low of number. During the ultrasound he checked the baby's spine and to him everything looked normal, but if I wanted further testing to be 100% sure, he could set that up. (he was 99% sure everything developed like it should)

I wasn't too concerned because he walked Chris and me through the whole process of checking the spine. More than once. He looked from the baby's neck down to the tailbone and described what he was looking for and that it would most likely be at the bottom portion of the spine. Which he saw no sign of any malformation or break in our baby's spine. He said it was a very healthy looking ultrasound.

He is sending us to a specialist anyway. Not cause he is unsure of himself, but the baby's heart will need to be checked anyway. Darcy's heart was checked and this baby's heart will be checked just like her's was. And I hope that just like Darcy's heart, this baby's heart will be healthy also. The reason for this is when I was born I had a heart defect called Transposition of the Great Arteries. I am the only one in my family that has had a congenital heart defect and I hope it stays that way. But, there is always a small percentage of if being passed on (very small). So, it's just a precaution of course.

The specialist will also look at the baby's spine. Then we will have more reassurance than we already have that out baby is healthy. Even though I know this baby is very healthy weighing in at 13 ounces already!

Darcy was born at 21 weeks and 6 days, she was 12 ounces. I think we are going to have good size baby on our hands. That is fine with me though! As long as the baby doesn't try and out do mama or papa. I was 11 pounds and Chris was 10!!! I think I might be in trouble here...

And yes, we found out the gender. So, last, but not least!


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