Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm pregnant!

I've been keeping it a secret for a little while now. We are so very excited, but also so very nervous. We went for our third ultrasound today and everything looks "excellent". That is a direct quote from our doctor! The heart rate was 185, up from 140 three weeks ago! I'm 10 weeks, so we have a little while before we find out if we are having another girl or a little boy.

Since our daughter was born at 21 weeks from my lovely incompetent cervix, I just love that name, but I guess it gets the point across, I will be getting a cervical cerclage at 15 weeks. He described it like this, " Have you ever had one of this draw string purses? It's pretty much like that". HAH! Whatever as long as it holds this little baby in there! The surgery will be December 17th. I'm a litter nervous and I'm sure I'll be a lot nervous as the date gets closer, but I will do whatever it takes!

Today our little baby was moving around a lot in there and was showing off quite a bit. Just like big sis. She always was a wiggler and loved to move those arms all about too.

We are so proud of our new little baby and without further adieu...

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