Tuesday, February 02, 2010

In my opinion

Being on bed rest has made me a reading fanatic. I usually read, but in the past week I have went through three books. Well, I am almost done with my third.

As I mentioned last post I had been reading "Behind the Bell" by Dustin Diamond.
I was a big "Saved by the Bell" fan in the 90s and this book supposedly told the "backstage secrets" that nobody knew about, told by nobody other than Screech himself. If anyone took the time to watch Dustin Diamond on the VH1 show "Celebrity Fit Club" they could tell what kind of treat they would be in for with this book. The stories he wrote about were pretty bogus and hard to believe, but maybe I'm wrong. You can always pick up a copy and decide for yourself. I just find it a little far fetched that he has been with over 2,000 women as he claims in one of the later chapters. To each her own I guess.

I am now reading the newest release in my favorite series of books. "U if for Undertow" by Sue Grafton.
If you like to read mysteries, I highly recommend this series. For those that are not familiar with her series, she started with "A" and worked her way down the alphabet.  I started reading this series in high school and caught up with her and now I have to wait every year or so for her to release a new one. They are entirely worth the wait though!

Besides reading I had some great company over the weekend to entertain me. On Saturday my Mom and her sisters came by. My Mom is one of seven in her family. Six girls and one boy. Poor boy huh? Most of them live close except for one sister and the brother living about six hours away. 

So, on Saturday my Mom and four of my Aunts came over and cleaned the house and brought me pizza! We really had a great time and I got some laughs in that I needed. They are always a riot when they get all together. At least my Saturday went by pretty quickly. 

I can't say being on bed rest has been a total horrible experience. I just hope that tomorrow at the doctor he releases me. I was only down for a week. I might change my mind if it's for a couple of months!

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