Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Two of a kind

Like my pregnancy with Darcy, I do not have any morning sickness. It's actually the opposite. If I don't eat, I get nauseated and I get a headache. I won't feel like eating, but I force myself to cause I know it will make me feel better. So, I just eat often to prevent that from happening! I do consider myself pretty lucky in that aspect. If it wasn't for the positive pregnancy test and all the appointments I'm going to I wouldn't know I was pregnant. Oh yeah, and the constant trips to the bathroom. How could I forget those?

I'm craving sub sandwiches . Turkey and cheese subs with lettuce and mayo is what I'm usually asking for. Unfortunately, I am craving sweets. Halloween was a killer. I ate way too much candy! Darcy didn't like sweets. I never craved them with her. I so wish I could turn away sugar now. But, I've been able to control myself a little more...even though I just devoured fried ice cream from the Mexican restaurant in town. Bad me!!! 

I feel so much better that we have told everyone. I'm still nervous that I will have to reverse it all and give people ugly news. But, our doctor (the same doctor that took care of me with Darcy) seems confident that we will get a healthy baby this time around. He's been so good to us and he cares so much.

Yesterday we saw our baby. In a short three weeks he/she went from this...

A blur with no real distinction from head to bottom turn into this.....

A baby with two arms and two legs that wiggled around and even gave us a little wave.

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  1. So happy to hear this news from you! Good to hear that everything is going well. I think we are about 2-3 weeks apart. I thought that I was further along, but at my first ultrasound I was measuring smaller. Things are going ok here. Just trying to take it day by day. I'll be reading along to hear who you and baby are doing.