Monday, December 28, 2009

Incase you were wondering

So, I've really been slacking lately with the updating my blog and taking new pictures each week. I'm almost 17 weeks and I haven't taken a picture since 14 weeks. I guess I thought I haven't changed too much to post one every single week. Hopefully tomorrow I will get a 16 weeker up.

My cerclage procedure went well. Except I was awake for the entire thing! Which is what I was not wanting. I think my past history kind of freaked them heart surgery, pacemaker surgery. So, I can understand that. They gave me a spinal block which burnt like hell, but not for long. Soon I couldn't feel the lower half of my body and it was really freaky if I thought about it too hard. So, I stared at the ceiling for the 30 minutes it took and listened to what they talk about when you are supposed to be asleep during an "operation". I was just amazed by what I could not feel. I've never had a spinal block before and it's just so strange how you can have no control of anything down there. The doctor must have sensed my tension cause soon I heard him order a shot of something that made me relax and a little loopy.

Soon they wheeled me out and into recovery and I sat there for about 40 minutes cause my blood pressure was low, which it runs low anyhow. But, they wanted to monitor me to be safe I guess. I just wanted to get up to the OB floor so they would feed me! lol Finally after raising and lowering the head of the bed a million times and taking my blood pressure a zillion I guess they got a reading that they were happy with and off to observation I went.

My husband was waiting for me outside the doors and I was happy to see his smiling face. I was finally getting the feeling back in my toes and able to wiggle them a little as they settled me in for a couple hours stay on the OB floor. After a cervical cerclage they like to monitor the baby's heartbeat and monitor the uterus for contractions. The baby was being stubborn that day and would not let the OB nurses get a good listen to his/her heartbeat to be able to count it. So, my doctor had to get the ultrasound machine and pinpoint the little booger. At least I got to see baby bouncing around in there for a few seconds!

After two hours, lunch, no contractions, another listen to the heartbeat and proving I could walk to the bathroom and dress myself we were free to go! The next couple of days were a little rough. It felt like I had exercised all that day and ran a few miles instead of laying in a hospital bed all day. I guess it was from being in the weird positions in the operating room. If I ever have to do that again I think I am going to request a stretch and warm-up before for they take me back!

Other than that nothing is new to report and we had a great Christmas! Chris got me a Doppler to listen to our little one's heartbeat. (what a good Dad!) Maybe I'll get experimental and try to record it on the computer. I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Tomorrow is the big day! Well, hopefully. If our little one cooperates we will get to see if he or she is a...well, HE OR SHE! Our little Darcy bug was always modest and never let us take a good peek to see she was a little girl until she was here.

So, here's to tomorrow!

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