Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Long awaited appointment

So, I had my appointment with my OBGYN yesterday. It took an hour to see him and for him to tell me what they probably could have achieved over the phone...anyhow he wrote an order to check my progesterone level and some other things before he prescribes me something to help me ovulate. He says he is either going to give me metformin or Clomid. I was kind of expecting those drugs to come up sooner or later. I work at a hospital, so I got my blood work done ASAP and looked at the results today. One of the tests are not in, but my progesterone level was. It was very low. There is the culprit! So, my guess is he is going to put me on Clomid to get me ovulating since my body doesn't want to do it on it's own. He told me to call his office next Tuesday...hah if that last test comes in tomorrow you can bet your you know what that I am calling tomorrow! So, there is where I stand for right now. I hope this is as simple as he is making it sound and I can be happily pregnant soon.

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