Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's a!

Big disappointing day...well I guess it could have been worse. Here's the scoop.

So, we went for our appointment today and we were so excited cause today was the day when we could from here on out start calling our baby the correct sex when we talked about him/her.  We had told everyone that today was the day we were going to find out, if the baby cooperated that is.

As the nurse took at back to the room we would be in I noticed we had followed her into the room without the ultrasound machine...I asked "I thought I was getting an ultrasound today?". She replied, "no, your are only 16 weeks and that is too early to tell". As I thought in my head "bullshit!" excuse my language, but it is not too early. I said "I thought I was 17 weeks". And she responds "well, anyhow we wait until 20 weeks for that".

grrrrrrr. Me and Chris were extremely disappointed. I couldn't believe that I had gotton my hopes so high to find out and told all these people and now I have to tell them that we didn't find out today. Oh, well I guess they will have to live with it just like we are.

So, we go back January 19th and we will for sure know then. That was straight from the doctor's mouth. I can wait three more weeks, right?

On a better note everything is fine with me and the baby. That was good to hear. We heard the heartbeat after the baby gave the doctor a good round of hide and seek. It was around 160.

So now, here's to a quick three weeks!

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