Sunday, August 03, 2014

Final meeting with surgeon

On Thursday we met with my surgeon for the last time before the day of the surgery. I am terrible at asking questions. I always forget them during the visit and remember them after I have left the office. So, for the past couple of weeks I had made little notes on my phone with the "notes" app. My phone goes with me everywhere, so every time I would think of a question I would just whip my phone out and type it up and save it. I had about four questions. Yes, for the past few weeks that I had known of this appointment and this being one heck of a serious surgery I had thought of four whole questions. And they were all answered in a whopping five minutes. I thought they were pretty good, too. Thought they sounded pretty knowledgeable. Like:

  • "Will this surgery ease the workload my liver has taken on" (Yes).
  • "Will a wire closure for the sternum be used" (Yes, stainless steel wire closure, that will remain in the sternum).
  • "Will my daughter be able to see me while I'm in the hospital" (Not while in the ICU, but when I'm moved to the regular cardiac floor).
  • "How long will the drainage tubes remain in" (For a couple days depending on how long they are needed).

My questions seemed so minute after he squashed them so quickly. But, at least they all got answered, right? He shook our hands and said if we thought of any other questions for me to call the office and he would be glad to talk to us and if not we would see him the day of the surgery. By the way, have you ever shaken the hand of a surgeon? It was so soft and delicate. I guess he needs to take care of them, they are his money makers. For a few moments after that the condition of his hands were all I could think about. Those hands that were actually going to touch my heart in a matter of days! So weird to think about! After he left the room I actually turned to Chris and asked him if he had noticed how soft his hands were. 

If that wasn't enough to make the reality of surgery start setting in, the events that took place next were. Paperwork. Which was actually a relief, because signing paperwork lying in a hospital bed minutes before they wheel you back is not really ideal in my mind. (The last few procedures I've had done went just like that.) I guess with major surgeries they take pity on your nerves. 

We went through the list of do's and don'ts and were given a date and instructions for my pre-op testing. For now, I'll keep thinking of those questions. And I can guarantee he be getting a phone call...or two.

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